Find Something Awesome!

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Find Something Awesome!

Book Series

Helping Kids Realize the Power of Their Brains to Be Happy and Successful!

An introduction to Positive Thinking, Gratitude, Mindfulness,
and a Kid’s Innate Brain Power to Be Happy and Successful!

“What I finally learned about true happiness and success as an adult, I wanted to teach my kids early on in life in a way that they could understand and start using to get through the bumps of childhood and learn how to create their OWN happiness and success”

– Matt Scott, author, The FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! Book Series

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If you want to teach your children

  • The power of their imagination to create happiness and success
  • How to focus their thoughts
  • How to turn negative feeling around and feel good again
  • How to build a foundation of self-confidence
  • How to deal with challenges in a positive way
  • To stay strong with positive self-encouragement
  • How to create inner-happiness
  • The good feeling of true success
  • The power of mindfulness
  • To develop problem solving capabilities

Then the FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! book series is for you!

Recommended by Teachers, Parents, & Kids!

“Matt Scott has found an enjoyable and engaging way to bring the important and priceless skill set of mindfulness and gratitude to the forefront with our children…”

– Christopher Loimo, MS Clinical Psychology and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“My son and I have read both books at least a half dozen times and every time we read them they evoke a new conversation about capabilities.”

– Jennifer Williams, Mother of 2 & Elementary School Teacher, Redondo Beach, California

“Matt Scott’s fun approach to writing teaches the often-overlooked value of positive thinking! … ‘Find Something Awesome’ is the building block that nurtures children’s self-image and overall sense of well-being!’”

– Monique Wilson, 4th grade teacher, Alta Vista Elementary

“I really like the questions after the stories. It’s when mom and I really get to talk about the books and what it was really about. Both books helped me to always remember my ‘happy’ thoughts and stay positive … at home and at school.”

– Lincoln DeLeon, 7 years old, Torrance, California

An effective parenting tool, this book series starts the conversation on how to teach your kids the necessary steps to create happiness and success!

All Covers

Level 1 What Color Is Your Butterfly?
Level 2: Have You Ever Thanked a Rainbow?
Level 3 Did You Laugh When You Stubbed your Toe?
Level 4: Have You Ever Watched What Your World Does?

Level 1: What Color Is Your Butterfly?

Helps Kids Understand How to Choose Awesome Thoughts to Create Awesome Feelings! Did you know that your feelings come from your thoughts? And you can train your brain to choose thoughts to create positive feelings? Because when you train your brain to Find Something Awesome… you do! And you feel happy!

When you make it a habit to always FIND SOMETHING AWESOME … life becomes awesome!


Do you want to hear a secret before you’re tucked into bed?
One that will amaze you and sweep through your head?”

AMAZING and MAGICAL this secret I’ll share … To all boys and all girls who dream and who dare!

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Level 2: Have You Ever Thanked A Rainbow?

Teaches kids the power (and fun!) of positivity and gratitude in everyday life by teaching them that they are in charge of their thoughts. And when they ‘FIND SOMETHING AWESOME!’ the next step is gratitude… which proliferates the awesome feeling even more.


What will you to DO today? What will you BE?
For everything is a miracle, I’ll show you, you’ll see!

Twenty-four hours, this day will last.
So inflate your chest and let’s get to the task!

Every child can learn to be thankful for the awesomeness they FIND around them… and there is ALWAYS SOMETHNG AWESOME around them! Being grateful for the awesomeness you see, and knowing why, is an important and powerful lesson to learn!

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Level 3: Did You Laugh When You Stubbed Your Toe?

When kids experience negative feelings… what can they do? Turn the negative feeling around! And here’s how! This book teaches kids not only how to turn the negative feelings OFF, but also how to remain strong and confident with positive self-talk: “I am awesome! I can do this!” It teaches to recognize and avoid the source and pitfalls of negative thinking. Imagine if you could teach your brain how to recognize and avoid the ONSET of negative thinking–BEFORE it spirals downward? You can! This book shows children how!

Did You Laugh When You Stubbed Your Toe

Your brain is up there all ready to go,
But to use it for happy, there’s things you MUST know!

Your job is to use it to think what YOU think,
Only positive things! No negative to sink!

But how do you do this, how do you know?
Well that’s why this book is here now to show!

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Level 4: Have You Ever Watched What Your World Does?

Kids will learn to imagine detailed images of what they want to achieve. Then with focus, gratitude, self-confidence, and giving–they’ll learn how to use the power of their brains to create positive outcomes in life and succeed!

Have You Ever Watched the World

Did you find something AWESOME and open your MIND?
Did you make an image, you hope, that someday you’ll find?

I hope that you did, and took three steps ahead!
Because this is the way that your world is fed!

These steps I’ve been laying are not just because.
This book will now show you what your world does…

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Level 5: Where Do You Want to Go?

As part of the Find Something Awesome series, Level 5 will help kids learn how to refuel themselves through loving their world to imagine and achieve their goals!

Where Do You Want To Go?

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Book 6: Big Scoop of Something

A GREAT gift for a loved one to show them they are truly loved and what that truly means! This companion book to Matt Scott’s Find Something Awesome series teaches kids how to use the power of their brains to be confident that they are loved and accomplish any goal they want to achieve.

Big Scoop of Something

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The FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! book series teaches kids how to train their brains to think positively and focus their imagination to help them create positive outcomes in life!

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