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Level 1: What Color Is Your Butterfly?
Level 2: Have You Ever Thanked a Rainbow?
Level 3: Did You Laugh When You Stubbed your Toe?
Level 4: Have You Ever Watched What Your World Does?
Level 5: Where Do You Want to Go?
Level 6: Big Scoop of Something
Level 7: What Is An American?

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Bulk Order Inquiries: To order in bulk FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! is registered with the American Wholesale Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources, and Ingram. Contact: or 310-600-1122.

Media Inquiries: To set up an interview, reading, signing, or for information regarding the FIND SOMETHING AWESOME book series please contact Matt Scott at

“What I finally learned about true happiness and success as an adult, I wanted to teach my kids early on in life in a way that they could understand and start using to get through the bumps of childhood and learn how to create their OWN happiness and success”

– Matt Scott, author, The FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! Book Series

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